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Volume 15, Issue No. 2, Jun 2016

Efficiency of an Artificial Fencing Method for Combating Desertification in the Northwest of China, the Case of Yanchi County of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region
Kossi Fandjinou, Fousseni Folega, Kperkouma Wala, Komlan Batawila, Koffi Akpagana and Kebin Zhang
Multifunctional Agroforestry Systems in Tropics Region
Vikas Kumar
Analysis of Urban Wetland Changes and their Driving Forces based on RS and GIS: A Case Study in the Longfeng Wetland Natural Reserve, China
Xuewei Wu, Wenfeng Gong and Yaming Xu
Evaluation of Existing Environmental Protection Policies and Practices vis-à-vis Sustainable Water Resources Development in Didessa Sub-basin, West Ethiopia
Tena Bekele Adgolign, G.V.R. Srinivasa Rao and Yerramsetty Abbulu
Studies on Aerobic Compost from the Solid Waste Generated in Coimbatore City, Tamilnadu, India
C. Sriakilam, M. K. Saseetharan and S. P. Jeyapriya
Analysis on the Factor Decomposition of Carbon Emissions Caused by Chinese Agricultural Land Use and the Emission Reduction Measures
Yu Luo
Sulphur Removal with Controllable Fan Structure Design and Performance Prediction Research
Wang Youmin, Xu Binxue, Lingfeng Tang and Xin Houzhi
Arbuscular Mycorrhiza: A Versatile Component for Alleviation of Salt Stress
Manoj Parihar and Amitava Rakshit
Algorithms of Thinning Simulation for Timber Plantation - A Case Study of Chinese Fir
Chen Dong, Baoguo Wu, Liying Wang, Yan Qi and Yanyun Han
Synthesis of Biogas as a Renewable Energy from Organic Waste Mixture by Anaerobic Fermentation
A. Kumar, K. Rasappan and P. Santhosh
Effects of Landscape Tree Species and Their Arrangement on PM2.5 Sedimentation - A Case Study of Beijing, China
Keping Chen, Jifeng Deng, Guohua Liang, Dewei Fang and Hangyong Zhu
Tannery Effluent Management vis-a-vis Groundwater Quality in Dindigul, Tamilnadu, India
P. Mani and M. Madhusudanan
Dynamic Degradation of the Alpine-cold Wetland and Analysis of Driving Forces in Maqu, China
Liu Qingguang
Assessment of Spentwash Derived Biocompost for Chemical Fertilizers Substitution by Monitoring Soil Fertility and Crop Productivity of Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) in Sandy Loam Soil
U. P. Shahi, Mamta, Ashish Dwivedi, Ashok Kumar and B. P. Dhyani
Study on the Relationship Between Agricultural Economic Growth and Agricultural Nonpoint Source Pollution in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China
Junying Li
The Mineral Fibre: Asbestos - Its Manufacture, Properties, Toxic Effects and Substitutes
Lopamudra Nayak
Application of Environmental Gini Coefficient (EGC) in Allocating SO2 Discharge Permit: A Case Study of SO2 Total Mass Control in Anshan, China
Tianxin Li, Chengxiang Qiu, Hongguang Cheng and Harrison Odion Ikhumhen
Assessment of Surface Runoff and Sediment Yield using WEPP Model
Nidhi Kumari, V. M. Chowdary, A.M. Waghaye and K. N. Tiwari
GIS-assisted Determination of the Environmental-Friendly Dredging Volume in a Reservoir Based on Risk Classification of Nutritive Salts
Ying Chen, Bingchuan Cheng and Yu Li
Adsorption of Cadmium (Cd2+) Ions from Aqueous Solutions on the Modified Montmorillonite
Shuiying Xiong, Muqing Qiu, Wenze Wu, Meng Tang and Jiangping Song
Efficacy of Chelating Agents in Phytoremediation of Cadmium Using Lemna minor (Linnaeus, 1753)
Aravind R., V. S. Bharti, M. Rajkumar, P. K. Pandey, C. S. Purushothaman, A. Vennila and S. P. Shukla
Research on Innovation-Synergy Driven Model for Improving Ecological Competitiveness in Resource-Based City
Liu Dan
The Synergistic Relationship between Rural Environmental Pollution and Industrial Structural Change in Heilongjiang, China
Jiyu Yuan and Xiangyu Guo
Forecast and Control Study on Energy Consumption of China
Tian-Bao Guo, Yu-Ling Dong and Yun-Feng Wang
Investigation on the Relationship Between the Environmental Pollution and Growth of the Industrial Economy in Liaoning Province, China
Wensheng Li
Analysis of the Legal Governance Status and Improvement Measures of Smog Pollution Control in China
Mingdang Li
ICP-AES Estimation of a Few Heavy and Toxic Metal Ions Present in Water Samples Collected from the Three Lakes Situated in Bangalore City
M. Kiran Kumar, G. Nagendrappa and A. M. Shivanna
Habitat-Dependent Forest Structure and Species Distributions in Two Deciduous Broadleaved Forests
Zhigao Wang, Zhongxing Zhang, Renyan Duan and Ganlin Wu
Mercury Contamination from Historic Gold Mining to Water Bodies and Soils in Zhaoyuan, Shandong, Eastern China
Lei Zhang, Yan Wang and Lei Zhang
Emission Inventory for Xiamen by Using Global Protocol for Community-Scale Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Yang Yukuo, Liu Xing and Tao Ye
Effect of Integrated Nutrient Management on Nutrients Uptake and Productivity of Onion
Sumit Rai, Priyanka Rani, Maneesh Kumar, Avinash Rai and Sanjay Kumar Shahi
Monitoring of Groundwater Quality with Respect to Fluoride Contamination Around Hindalco Industries Ltd. Renukut, Sonbhadra District, Uttar Pradesh, India
Shishu Pal Singh, Sandeep Kumar Tripathi, Vimal Kumar and Priyankar Raha
Analysis of Mutual Influence between Low Carbon Economy and Energy Industry Investment
Guo Ping
Comprehensive Water Resource Management in Coastal Ecosystem of Odisha: A Critical Review
Ranu Rani Sethi, R. C. Srivastava, Madhumita Das, P. S. B. Anand, Jugal Kishore Tripathy
Effect of Precipitation Variation on Groundwater Buried Depth in Well-irrigated Areas
Zhong-Pei Liu and Yu-Ping Han
Assessment of Soil Carbon Level After Application of Pressmud and Mulching Regarding Soil Carbon Sequestration
Padalkar R. C. and Raut P. D.
Plant Diversity and its Correlation with the Physicochemical Properties of Soil in Different Gradient Levels in the Riparian Zone of Lijiang River
Lu Yang and Wang Dongmei
Studies on the Effectiveness and Persistence of Various Botanicals and Insecticides on the Surface Treatment of Gunny Bags at Bimonthly and Monthly Intervals Against Sitophilus oryzae (Linn.) in Store
B.S. Biradar, S.M. Karadi, Siddappa, J.S. Awakannavar, S.B. Goudappa and A. Ravikumar
Climate Change Impact on Beneficial Soil Microbial Community: A Review
Vinod Kumar, A. K. Rawat and F. C. Amule
Structural Optimization and Performance Prediction of Digital Valve for Desulfurization and Dedusting
Lingfeng Tang, Feihong Ma, Youmin Wang, Xiang Wu
Haematological Study on the Fungicide Ziram Induced Acute, Subacute and Subchronic Toxicity in Broiler Chickens
Majid Shafi, Shayaib Ahmad Kamil, Masood Saleem Mir, Mohammed Maqbool Darzi, Abdul Shakoor Bhat, Showkat Shah and Khadim Hussain Dar
Biosorption of Cadmium from Aqueous Solutions using Blue Green Algae
M. G. Bhagyalaskhmi and P. N. Sarma
Mycorrhizoremediation of Nickel and Cadmium: A Promising Technology
Barun Kumar Manjhi, Sumita Pal, Sunita Kumari Meena, Ranjeet Singh Yadav, Alvina Farooqui, H. B. Singh and Amitava Rakshit
Elucidation of Variability, Interrelationships and Path-coefficient in Maize (Zea mays L.)
Anand Chaudhary, Kartikeya Srivastava, Vishal Agrawal and Santosh Kumar
Some Studies on the Removal of Chromium from Electroplating Industry Waste by the leaf powder of Hibiscus mutabilis
Monangi Murali
Interaction Effect of Maize and Mashbean Intercropping on Sustainable Production System in Subtropical Zone of India
Ashish Dwivedi, Adesh Singh, S. S. Tomar, Priyanka Bankoti, Onkar Singh and Kapil Kumar
Impact of Land Uses and Seasons on Physico-chemical Characteristics of Surface Water in Solan District of Himachal Pradesh
Aakriti Chauhan and S. C. Verma
Seasonal Assessment of Wastewater Characteristics in Hilly Tourist Place and its Implication in Selection and Design of Wastewater Treatment Alternatives
Nitin Kumar Singh and Siddhartha Pandey
Strontium Isotope and Major Ions Chemistry of Groundwater from Sunan Coal-mining Region, Anhui Province, China
Gui Herong
Assessing Agricultural Non-point Source Pollution Load of Nitrogen and Phosphorus in Hangzhou, China
Ping Shen and Heyuan You
Adsorption Isotherm and Equilibrium Process of Dye Wastewater onto Camphor Sawdust
Shuiying Xiong, Muqing Qiu, Jiangping Song, Gusheng Wang, Yannan Xuan and Zebin Wang
Evaluation of Small and Large Scale Reverse Osmosis Desalination Plants Performance in the Gaza Strip During 2013
Samaher M. Abdeljawad, Hossam A. Zaqoot and Adnan M. Aish
Research on the Infrared Spectroscopy of Spent Mushroom Compost
Yang Xiang, Qi Jun, Liu Zhen, Luan Yaning, Zou Anlong and Sun Yingkun
Study on the Influential Factors of SCS-CN Model Parameter S in the Loess Plateau area
Li Shexin, Li Zhanbin, Li peng* and Tiegang Zhang
The Potential of Green-Blue Roof to Manage Storm Water in Urban Areas
Muhammad Shafique, Reeho Kim and Daehee Lee
Analysis on Influence of Urban Spatial Pattern Changes on Social Vulnerability
Xia Quan-wei and Sun Bai-qing
Surrounding Environment and Water Quality Control of the Shangji Town Water Source in Xichuan County
Du Hongwei
Persistent and Endocrine Disrupting Organic Pollutants: Advancements and Challenges in Analysis, Health Concerns and Clinical Correlates
Muhammad Sajid, Chanbasha Basheer, Kothandaraman Narasimhan, Abdelbaset Buhmeida, Mohammed Al Qahtani and Mahmoud Shaheen Al-Ahwal
Effect of Trace Elements Supplement on Anaerobic Fermentation of Food Waste
Wang Yao, Sun Yongming, Yuan Zhenhong, Li Lianhua and Zhuang Xinshu
The Green Ecological Environment in Shanghai Free Trade Area
Yangluxi Li
New Factor (Quality of Temperature) Affecting Directly the Biogas Production and Solved by Solar Heating Models
Qiu Ling and Amro A. M. Hassanein and Asli Ayhan
Research on the Green Wind Environment Based on Numerical Simulation
Li Yang and Feng Qian
Estimation of Vegetation Energy Potential in Natural Ecosystems of Iran
Shima Javaheri, Hossein Sadeghi and Mohammadhadi Hajian
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