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Volume 14, Issue No. 4, Dec 2015

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Effects of Sand-fixing Vegetation on Topsoil Properties in the Mu Us Desert, Northwest China
Dongqing Fan, Shugao Qin, Yuqing Zhang, Bin Wu, Hao Gao, Dong Chen, Jiachen Zhang and Linfeng Zhu
Spatial Pattern and Environmental Quality Assessment of Potentially Toxic Elements in Soils of Central Agricultural Areas, China
Chunlin Yang, Ruiping Guo, Xiujuan Ren, Qingling Yue, Bingli Wang, Xihuan Zhang, Anbang Zhang, Dafu Wu, Dongfang Li, Yongzhuo Liu, Yanling Guo and Ying Zhang
Managing Multi-functional Forests Using Forest Development types (FDTs) - A Perspective from Monoculture Forests in Southern Subtropical China
Lifeng Pang, JunJiang and YuanchangLu
Spatial Distribution of Groundwater Quality Between Injambakkam-Thiruvanmyiur Areas, South East Coast of India
K. Ilayaraja and A. Ambica
Impact of Soil and Water Conservation Measures on Runoff and Sediment Environment in Wei River Basin
Hongjie Wang, Jianen Gao, Hong Wang and Li Liu
Effect of Forest Composition and Dynamics of Light on Seedlings and Saplings of Korean pine (Pinus koraiensis) in Northeastern China
Junlong Yang, Guochun Zhang, Wenhui Liu and Qijing Liu
Calculation and Evaluation of Carbon Dioxide Emissions of Regional Logistics Ecosystem: A Study in China
Lingyun Zhou, Zhonghua Gu, Gang Zhao and Jianfeng Luo
A Model for Assessing Water Purification Capacity of Algae to Eutrophication at Large-Scale
Wang Wei-zhuo, Bian Jian-min and Lu Wenxi
Linear Discriminant Function Analysis for the Different Characters of Pigeonpea (Cajanus Cajan (L.) Millsp) Accessions
Pavan Kumar S. T., Avinalappa H. H., Tuppad G. B., Adam Kamei, Nethravathi K. H., Dharmaraj P. S. and D. Mazumdar
Research of Interpolation and Prediction by Elman NN on Anaerobic Digestion Processes Parameter
Yong Liang, Ling Qiu, Junting Pan and Wen Lu
Microfiltration, Groundwater Remediation and Environmental Engineering Science - A Scientific Perspective and a Far-reaching Review
Sukanchan Palit
Study on Carbon Dioxide Emission Performance in the Guangdong Province Based on the Malmquist-Luenberger Index
Hao Guo, Pa Yu, Dong Wang and Lianlian Lin
Wind Environment in Green Building Design
Li Yang and Feng Qian
Variations in Culturable Terrestrial Bacterial Communities and Soil Biochemical Characteristics Along an Altitude Gradient Upstream of the Shule River, Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau
Zhang Baogui, Zhang Wei, Liu Guangxiu, Chen Tuo, Zhang Gaosen, Wu Xiukun, Chen Ximing and Chang Sijing
Ecology and Evolution of Nest Parasitism in Indian Cuckoo
R. K. Sharma, A. K. Goyal and Manju Sharma
Evaluation of Water Quality Using Principal Component Analysis
Shuquan An, Xiufan Xie and Ying Ma
Adsorption of Methylene Blue by Activated Carbon from Capsicum Straw
Muqing Qiu, Yannan Xuan, Peichao Luo, Zebin Wang and Jianxin Shou
Equilibrium and Thermodynamic Studies for Adsorption of 1,4-Benzoquinone by Fly Ash
Guoting Li, Yanmin Feng, Xiaoqi Chai and Xiaoshuang He
Quinalphos Induced Oxidative Stress Biomarkers in Liver and Kidney of Common Carp, Cyprinus Carpio
A. Padmanabha, H. R. V. Reddy, Avinash Bhat and Muttappa Khavi
Nitrate Pollution in the Groundwater of Different Cropping Systems of Varanasi District, Uttar Pradesh, India
Mahendra Prasad and Priyankar Raha
Decolorization of Leather Dyeing Wastewater by Laccase of the White Rot Fungus Pycnoporus sp. Y1
Xinli Lu, Chun Hai Zhao, Aijun Zhao, Yuqi Zhang, Yichun Wu, Suliang Chen and Xiaohui Liang
Oxidation of Reduced Inorganic Sulphuric Compounds in Simulated Desulphurization Wastewater by Thiobacillus Thioparus
Yingbo Dong and Hai Lin
Performance Evaluation of Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) in Multistoried Buildings
Jayanthi Ganesan† and Vasudevan Namasivayam
Correlation Matrix of Physico-chemical Characteristics of Select Tank Waters of Tiptur Taluk in Tumkur District, Karnataka
A. M. Shivanna and G. Nagendrappa
Experimental Study of Bagasse Ash Utilisation for Road Application on Expansive Soil
C. Rajakumar and T. Meenambal
A Study on the Quantitative Measurement Method of Organoleptic Chromaticity for Sandy Water
Yali Yu, Xunchi Pu, Ran Li, Hong Jiang and Yong Li
Research on H2S Removal by the Ferric Oxide Process
Jihong Zhou, Qi Jiang, Yamin Wen and Ronghe Liang
Anaerobic Treatment of MSW Using Leachate Recirculation Bioreactor: A Case Study of Rohtak City
Snehlata, Rajesh Lohchab and Anil Nain
Effects of Climate Change on Vegetable Cultivation - A Review
B. V. G. Prasad and S. Chakravorty
Effects of FDI on Environment Pollution based on Carbon Dioxide Emissions in the Pearl River Delta Region
Hao Guo, Jie Tang, Dong Wang, Furong Chen and Lianlian Lin
Potential of Household Rainwater Harvesting for Drinking Water Supply in Hazard Prone Coastal area of Bangladesh
Gopal Chandra Ghosh, Sayka Jahan, Basabi Chakraborty and Asma Akter
Pollution Monitoring by Algae in a Sacred Water Body of Belgaum District
B. S. Giriyappanavar and P. B. Shivalli
Wastewater Treatment of Industrial Enterprises Using Carbonate Sludge
A. Nikolaeva Larisa, G. Laptev Anatoliy and Ya. Iskhakova Regina
Stochastic Modelling of Monthly Rainfall Volume During Monsoon Season over Gangetic West Bengal, India
Soumen Pal and Debasis Mazumdar
Foliar Carbon Isotope Discrimination and Water Sources of Mangrove Forests Along Natural Soil Salinity Gradients and Implications for Their Distribution Pattern
Minshen Huang, Qing Li, Tongchao Le and Fanglin Tan
Eco-friendly Solution to Mitigate the Toxic Effects of Hazardous Construction Industry Waste by Reusing in Concrete for Pollution Control
G. K. Arunvivek, G. Maheswaran and S. Senthil Kumar
Growth Characteristics of Platymonas subcordiformis and Oxyrrhis marina in Their Co-culture Systems
Xinlong An, Xuemei Li, Zhixia Li and Yanling Zhang
Application of D Numbers to the Environmental Impact Assessment of HighwayApplication of D Numbers to the Environmental Impact Assessment of Highway
Leila Sepahvand
Macroinvertebrate Communities in the Bottom Sediment of Arthunkal Coast in Kerala, Southwest Coast of India
Sinu J. Varghese and M. T. P. Miranda
Evaluating the Radiation Risk of Ionization Smoke Detector by MCNPX code; A Radioactive Contaminated Product
M. Khaleghi and M. Hashemi-Tilehnoee
Analyses of Diversion Water Input’s Influence on Water Quality of Dahuofang Reservoir
Fanbin Meng, Haifu Li, Fangli Su and Tieliang Wang
Strategies for the Decoupling Effect of Carbon Emission and Low Carbon in the Logistics Industry of Jiangxi Province: From the Perspective of Environmental Protection
Zhijian Zhang, Cheng Zhang, Yaping Feng and Ningyuan Wu
Water Pollution and Relevant Preventive Measures in the Hechuan Segment of Fujiang River
Wei Zhang, Jianfeng Xia, Yalin Li, Mingqiang Yao, Sergei Sidorov and Shiyuan Gan
Change in Water Consumption and its Effect on the Land Cover of the Oasis in the Tarim River Basin, Xinjiang, China
Honggang Zhao and Ruixin Lao
Evaluation of Environmental Purification Service for Urban Green Space in Nanjing
Zhenshan Wang, Shaoliang Zhang, Xuefei Wang and Yongjun Yang
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