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Volume 14, Issue No. 2, Jun 2015

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Climate Change Impacts on Wetlands of the Yellow River Headwaters
Xianqi Zhang
Effects of Soil Crusts and Tillage Treatment on Soil Erosion in the Loess Plateau of China
Qiuju Wu, Linhua Wang and Faqi Wu
Effect of Free Nitrous Acid as Inhibitor on Denitrification Process
Juqing Lou, Dongye Yang and Peide Sun
Hydrological Effects of Forest Litter and Soil on Different Density Plantations of Pinus sylvestris L. Var. mongolica Litv. in Mu Us Sandland, Northwest China
Ruiping Hou, Kebin Zhang, Bilal Ahmad, Lili Wang and Xiao Wang
MmZFP1†Response†to†Abiotic†Stress†in the Invasive Plant Mikania† micrantha
Sihong Zhou, Nana Liu, Yun Sun, Di Wu and Yuxia Hou
Studies on Plant Community Complexity in Fenced Region of Ningxia, Northern China
Xiaodan Liu, Kebin Zhang, Mammo Siraj and Lili Wang
The Study of Terraced Field Erosion Based on the Scale Model in the Loess Plateau under Extreme Rainstorm Conditions
Yuanxing Zhang, Jianen Gao, Liína Wu, Huijuan Li, Xianfa Bai, Juan Li and Xinghua Li
Groundwater Contamination by Wastewater in Figuig Oasis (Eastern High Atlas, Morocco)
Abdelhakim Jilali, Mahmoud Abbas, Mounir Amar and Yassine Zarhloule
A New Approach to Derive Clearance Levels for Wastes Containing Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) (Case Study: Lavan Island, Iran)
Siavash Sedighian, Mohammad Ali Abdoli, Mohammad Hossein Niksokhan, Seon-Hong Kim and Seung-Yeon Cho
An Analysis of the Spatial Heterogeneity of the Functioning of Ecosystem Services Related to Land-and-Water Resources
Zhi Zhou, Ying Huang, Li Zhao and Anqiang Jia
Analysis of the Competition Network of Industrial Waste Emissions in Beijing, China
Chunguang Li and Wenying Huang
Appraisal of Groundwater Quality Around two International Tourism Destinations, Kovalam and Vizhinjam, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India
R. S. Prasanth, J. Remya and R. B. Binoj Kumar
Assessment indicators of Soil Quality in Loess Gullied Hilly Region of China
Jianing Zhang, Min Xu and Faqi Wu
A Comparative Decolourisation of Rbbr Dye and Guaiacol Degradation by Free and Immobilized Laccase Producing Bacillus Spp.
Viraj Krishna Mishra, Himani Sharma and J. Dubey
Effect of Litter Decomposition on Soil Polarization in Two Typical Planted Pure Broadleaved Forests in the Gully Region of Loess Plateau, China
Cai-Hong Mi, Zeng-Wen Liu and Bo-Chao Zhu
Emission and Performance Characteristics of A Diesel Engine Operating on Diesel-Bael (Aegle marmelos) Biodiesel Blends
A. Dhanamurugan and R. Subramanian
A Non-Point Source Load Simulation of the Yangtze River Basin, China
MinhThu Nguyen, Wenting Zhang, Yarong Chen, Ping Kang, Yanhua Zhuang and Song Hong
Impact of Urbanization on CO2 Emissions: Regional Differences Based on Panel Estimation
Zhengxia He and Wenxing Shen
Speciation Distribution Characteristics of Heavy Metals and its Relationships with Soil Acid Chemical Properties in the Chengdu Plain
Bing Li, Yue Jun Fu, Chang Quan Wang and Yan Yang
Effect of Wind Direction on Airflow and Pollutant Dispersion Inside a Street Intersection
Huang Lihua, Huang Yuandong, He Wenrong, Huang Liming and Ren Yixin
Chronic Effects of Cadmium on Gonad Differentiation of the Spot Frog (Pelophylax nigromaculata) Larvae
Min-Yi Huang, Xiao-quan Kong, Ren-yan Duan, Hong Bao, Yan Zhou and Yuan-yuan Ding
Experimental Research on the Promotion of Supersaturated Total Dissolved Gas Dissipation by the use of Activated Carbon
Jin-lan Niu, Ran Li, Xia Shen and Le-le Wang
Application of Statistical and Spatial Outlier Identification for Evaluating the Environmental Baseline of Iron in Shallow Groundwater
Linhua Sun and Herong Gui
Effects of Paper Mill Wastewater on Seedling Growth and Antioxidant System of Reeds
Fanbin Meng, Fangli Su, Tieliang Wang and Haifu Li
Study on Air Quality and Influences on Human Respiratory Health Among Residents Who Occupy Buildings at Former Landfill Site
Anuar Ithnin, Muhammad Shakirin, Nurhudayanti Mohd Yusuf, Shamrul Aizam Abd. Rahman and Azhar Abdul Halim
A Fuzzy Logic Model to Determine Petroleum Hydrocarbons Concentration at Different Depths of Contaminated Soil During Phytoremediation
Farida Iraji Asiabadi, Seyed Ahmad Mirbagheri, Hadi Radnezhad
Effect of Enclosure Period on Soil Properties and Characteristics of Plant Community in Degraded Grassland
Xiaoteng Xu, Kebin Zhang, L. L. Wang, R. P. Hou and V. Squires
Experimental Study on Self Compacting Concrete (M25) with 25% Fly ash Incorporating 10% Replacement of Coconut-Shell as Coarse Aggregate
R. Thenmozhi and N. Balasubramani
Factor Analysis of Mass Concentration Characterization of PM2.5 and its Impact Factors in a Suburban Roadside: Taking a National Road of Zhengzhou, China as an Example
Yang Lei, Ran Wei, Shiyuan Wang, Yan Wang, Liuliu Du and Henggen Shen
Prevalence of Escherichia coli Serotypes in Water and the fish Schizothorax niger in Dal Lake
Monisa Mehboob and M. H. Balkhi
Effective Utilization of Wastes from Steel Industries in Concrete
P. S. Kothai and R. Malathy
Ecology and Breeding Biology of Indian Stone Curlew (Burhinus indicus)
Manju Sharma and R. K. Sharma
Carbon Dioxide Capture Via Liquid Nitrogen in Compression Ignition Engine
Suresh Vellaiyan, K. S. Amirthagadeswarn and B.Varun
Accumulation of Heavy Metals in the Surface Water of Asthamudi Lake, Kollam, Kerala
L. Razeena Karim and E. Sherly Williams
Isolation and Characterization of Encoded Formaldehyde Responsive Gene from the Plant Dieffenbachia compacta
Anuar Ithnin, Mira Azilah Ibrahim, Che Radziah Md. Zain and Azhar Abdul Halim
Study on the Pollutant Diffusion Regularity in Open Channel with Vegetation
Changjun Zhu, Wenlong Hao and Xiangping Chang
Modelling and Biosorption Competence of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticle
D. Gnanasangeetha and D. Sarala Thambavani
Reduction of Green House Gases Emission in Self Compacting Geopolymer Concrete Using Sustainable Construction Materials
T. G. Ushaa, R. Anuradha and G. S. Venkatasubramani
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