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Volume 14, Issue No. 3, Sep 2015

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Impact of a Microbial-Enhanced Oil Recovery Field Trial on Microbial Communities in a Low-Temperature Heavy Oil Reservoir
LuJun Chai, Fan Zhang, YueHui She, Ibrahim M. Banat and DuJie Hou
Parthenium hysterophorus L.: Harmful and Beneficial Aspects - A Review
Rachna Bhateria, Renu and Snehlata
Importance of pH, Dissolved Oxygen and Light to Phosphorus Release from Ditch Sediments
Tang Aiping, Wan Jinbao, Wang rong, Li Shuang and Sun Hongyan
Assessment of Duration of Exposure to Noise by the Operators in Power Tiller Workplace
Ajay Verma, Prabhat Kumar Guru and Mukesh Kumar Pandey
Aerosols-Cloud Properties in Dynamic Atmosphere over Kedarnath Sub- Himalayan Region of India: A Long Term Study from MODIS Satellite
Adarsh Kumar
Clustering of the Districts of West Bengal Based on Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Groundwater Table Depth Towards Effective Monitoring and Management of the Valuable Water Resources
K. P. Vishwajith , P. K. Sahu, Md. Noman, B. S. Dhekale and L. Narasimhaiah
Institutional Causes and Countermeasures for Agricultural Chemical Pollution in China
Lili Gan and Shengyun Pang
Study on the Accumulated Temperature Distribution Model of Snowmelt Flood Magnitude from the Perspective of Ecological Environmental Protection of Mountain Areas
Yang Liu, Xian-Yong Meng, Zhi-Hui Liu and Dan-Lin Yu
Adsorption Characteristics of Lead (Pb2+) and Cadmium (Cd2+) by an Isolated Bacterium from Soil Samples Obtained from a Tungsten Mine
Ming Chen, Qingyun Cai, Jinxia Nie and Qinghua Zeng
Diversity of Plants on the Alluvial Islands of Lijiang River Basin and the Physicochemical Properties of their Soil
Lu Yang and Wang Dongmei
Role of Duck Droppings on Pond Productivity Through Fish-Cum-Duck Integrated Farming System in Agro Climatic Condition, Assam
H. K. Kalita, B. Talukdar, R. A. Baishya, S. Basumatary, J. Das, A. Dutta, R. Ch. Barman and D. Sarma
GIS Based Oil Spill Risk Assessment Model for the Niger Delta’s Vegetation
Bahaa Mohamadi, Zhong Xie and Fujiang Liu
Growth Characteristics of Oxyrrhis marina and Chattonella marina in their Co-culture Systems
Xinlong An, Xuemei Li and Zhixia Li
Analysis of an Anomalous Flooding Event in the Peace River in Canada
Hamed Assaf
Effect of Salinity and Photoperiod on Growth of Microalgae Nannochloropsis sp. and Tetraselmis sp.
M. Fakhri, N. B. Arifin, B. Budianto, A. Yuniarti and A. M. Hariati
Optimization of Coagulation-Flocculation Process for Automotive Wastewater Treatment using Response Surface Methodology
Abdul Fattah Abu Bakar, Azhar Abdul Halim and Marlia Mohd Hanafiah
Evaluation and Comparison of the Resource and Environmental Carrying Capacity of the 10 Main Urban Agglomerations in China
Jiansheng Zhang, Xiuzhong Hu, Qin Li and Celly Kopytov
Study of Material Flow Analysis of Paper Waste in Municipal Solid Waste of Lahore Cantonment
Syeda Amber Fatima and Fizza Ilyas
Response of Ecological Base Flow to Water and Sediment Dispatching in Irrigation Areas Along Water-Deficient and Sediment-Laden River
Hongjie Wang, Jianen Gao, Jianmei Ji, Xiuquan Xu and Chunhong Zhao
Quantifying the Impact of Climate, Irrigation and Nitrogen on Winter Wheat Yield in Guanzhong Plain of Northwest China
Jianmei Ji, Huanjie Cai, Jianqiang He and Jian Wang
Bispyribac Sodium Persistence in Soil, Plant and Grain in Direct Seeded Rice and its Effect on Soil Properties
T. Ramprakash, M. Madhavi, M. Yakadri and A. Srinivas
A Study on Coupling and Coordinating Development Mechanism of China’s Low-carbon Development and Environmental Resources System
Haibin Cong, Deling Zou, Fuxiang Wu and Qiufang Zhang
Delineation of Groundwater Potential Zones in Vettikavala Block, South Kerala, India Using Geospatial Technology
G. S. Vidhya and R. B. Binoj Kumar
Influence of Mulching and NPK Levels on Growth, Yield and Economics of Pearl Millet in Bael Based Agri-Horticultural System under Rainfed Vindhyan Region
Sandeep Kumar, Achin Kumar, Sumit Rai, Suryakant and Rajesh Singh
Calculation and Estimation of the Carbon Footprint of Paint Industry
Samia Saif, Anum Feroz, M. Asif Khan, Sana Akhtar and Asim Mehmood
Studies on the Development of Eco-friendly Self-healing Concrete - A Green Building Concept
A. Gandhimathi and D. Suji
Application of Biotechnology in Forestry: Current Status and Future Perspective
Vikas Kumar, Sandeep Rout, Manoj K. Tak and Deepak K.R.
Correlation Analysis and Forecasting Changes in Yongding River Water Quality Based on Information Entropy and Gray System Theory
Men Baohui, Long Rishang, Zhao Yawei, Wang Anze, Hu Sha and Wu Shuaijin
Study on Sulphate Pollution of Surface Water Environment
Jihong Zhou, Yamin Wen, Qi Jiang and Xianwei Liu
Removal of Nickel from Aqueous Solutions by Activated Carbon Prepared from Sewage Sludge
Muqing Qiu and Shuiying Xiong
The Reverse Based Identification of Source Intensity Changes in Sudden Pollution Accidents in Medium River
Rui Huang, Long-xi Han, Wen-long JIN, Hui Peng, Man-man PAN and Hong Zhang
Comparative Study of Performance Evaluation of UASB Reactor for Treating Synthetic Dairy Effluent at Psychrophilic and Mesophilic Temperatures
R. Sivakumar and V. Sekaran
Purification of Industrial Enterprises Wastewater from Petroleum Products Using New Granular Hydrophobic Sorbents
Nikolaeva Larisa Andreevna, Laptev Anatolii Grigor’evich and Golubchikov Maksim Alekseevich
Performance Study on Microbial Fuel Cell Treating Restaurant Wastewater
FAN Li-ping and MIAO Xiao-hui
Incidence of Airborne Biocomponents in Context to Meteorological Parameters Over Some Crop Fields
Avinash V. Karne
Application of Regression Analytical Method in Dynamic Prediction of River Water Quality
Jianbo Pan, Gao Zhou and Dedong Liu
Influence of Fencing Time on Vegetation Community Structure and Species Diversity in Sandy Grassland of Ningxia in China
Xiaodan Liu, Kebin Zhang and Bilal Ahmad
Biodiversity of Avian Fauna of Vansda National Park, Gujarat: Conservation Issues
Vikas Kumar
Dynamics Simulation of Vapour Assisted Ammonia Pollution Removal By Pulse Discharge Method
Xiaojun Wang
Research on Content, Distribution and Health Risk Assessment of PAHs in Surface Dust in Shenyang City
Yue Li, Le Zhang, Wei Hou Yuli Li and Xiaojun Li
Water Quality Prediction Based on BP Neural Network at Dahuofang Reservoir, China
Lingling Ma, Linfei Zhou and Tieliang Wang
Effects of Different Ways to Return Biomass on Soil and Crop Nutrient Contents
Thi-Huong Nguyen, Yan-An Tong, Nhu-Trung Luc and Cheng Liu
Variability of Organic Matter Sources and Phytoplankton Community Structure During the 19th Century under Global Warming Background in the Chukchi Sea
Zhao Qingying, Chen Ronghua, Zhang Haisheng, Yu Peisong and Lu Bing
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